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After playing in bands such as Young Pacific, Bowen and the Uproar and Chica, Mathew Prince has ventured out on his own, leaving a trail of mellow, groovy and lively sounding music in his wake. 


Born in Langley, BC, Mat took to the musical opportunities he was provided by his community. From the Langley Ukulele Ensemble, to starring in Elementary and Highschool Musicals, music has always been his favorite way to express himself. His first professional foray was when he joined Young Pacific as a guitarist and backup vocalist in 2012. He played venues across BC, gaining valuable exposure to live music settings, and music festivals. He played in Bowen and the Uproar from 2014-2016, with a capstone performance at the UBC AMS Block party with Chromeo and Tokyo Police Club. For the past two years, Mathew has been the lead vocalist and guitarist in Chica, a band assembled of his closest friends.

Most recently, Mathew wrote and recorded a 6-track EP, produced by Jordan Klassen, called “Love Handles”. Inspired by the trials and tribulations of growing, the EP features simple, playful arrangements that personify the ebbs and flows of puberty, love and death. It’s a pop record, featuring poignant and catchy lyricism paired with mellow bass lines and riffs that will transport you back to being a teen.

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